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Last Update: 15th January 2023

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Find out about the Li River in Guilin, China

The Li River is one of China’s most famous waterways and is located in the Southern Province of Guangxi. Originating in the Mao’er Mountains (Xing’an County) in Northern Guangxi Province, the river flows south through Guilin and Yangshuo. This upper section of the Li River also features the ancient Lingqu Canal whilst the section of the Li River between Guilin and Yangshuo is the most scenic.

The Li River Cruise is the #1 Thing to do in Guilin!

Located in Northeast Guangxi, the Li River is the upstream of the Gui River. The source of the river is the Mao’er Mountain in Xing’an County. It ends at the Sanjiangkou in Pingle County. It runs for around 164 kilometers from the mountain to its ending point. In ancient times, the Li River played a significant role in the unity of the nation and cultural exchange between the Lingnan Area and Central China.


The Li River runs through the City of Guilin for some 49.3 kilometers. From Yangshuo to Pingle, it flows for around 69 kilometers. The Yangshuo section of the river features the most typical karst peak forests and it is acclaimed as the most beautiful river in Guangxi. When the Li River comes into Yangshuo, it witnesses deep valleys and shoals surrounded by ever-green trees. In Guilin, the shoals lie at Dong’s Lane, Liberation Bridge, Elephant Trunk Hill, Lijiang Bridge, Gingko Tree Village, Wujiali Village, Wangjiali Village, Zhemu Town and Xiaolongmen Village.

The relative water flow in the Yangshuo section is very rich. Usually, the water level in the Li River from April to July is higher than other months. Generally speaking, the water level is very low from November to January. The situation is not good for the cruise trip on the river. In Yangshuo, there are 4 piers – Yangdi, Xingping, Longtoushan, and Shuidongmen Piers.

From Guilin to Yangshuo, the Li River flows for around 83 kilometers. The section is the highlight of the river, featuring the stunning karst landscape to enjoy. In November 1996, the Li River was listed as one of the 13 national protection rivers.

Famous Landmarks in and around the Li River

Some of the famous landmarks along the Li River and in the surrounding areas include the following:

  • Xianggong Mountain
  • Laozhai Mountain
  • Xingping
  • Reed Flute Cave
  • Elephant Trunk Hill and others

How to experience the Li River

There are multiple different ways to experience the Li River. Tourists can choose from any of the following ways to enjoy the views of the Li River:

Please note, persons under 120 cms tall & over 65 years of age are not permitted on the small private motorized rafts.

Li River Cruise Types

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The Li River Cruise is the #1 Thing to do in Guilin!

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