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Li River Description

Are you looking for Li River description? Are you interested to know more about the description of the Li River?

The Li River starts from the well-known mountain in Guilin and even around Guangxi, China, Cat Mountain. The mountain features amazing cloud seas, sunrise and snow-covered landscape to admire. In addition, it is the tallest in South China. From the mountain, the Li River meets the old Lingqu Canal in Xing’an, flows past hundreds of villages into Guilin City, southward to Yangshuo and finally ends at Pingle. From the source to the ending point, the river is 164 kilometers long.


The Li River is decorated with the most typical karst landform in the world. It is acclaimed “the most beautiful river in Guangxi”. More than 20 shoals lie on either side of the river. From November to February, the water level is very low. And most of the shoals appear in the sight. Green bamboo forests stand on the side of the Li River along the section in Yangshuo. The Crown Cave is one of the caves along the Li River. It offers stalagmites, stone curtains, stone flowers, etc.

View from Xianggong Hill

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Sunrise and Sunsets along the Li River

The Li River has the great sunrise and sunset to enjoy. In the City of Guilin, you can enjoy the sunrise at Elephant Trunk Hill. During the sunrise, the golden sunlight offers amazing cover on the water. The starting points of the Li River cruise boats, Mopanshan pier and Zhujiang pier, also feature the views of great sunrise to admire.


Featuring the sunrise and the bird’s eye view of the Li River, Xianggong Hill in Yangshuo is getting more and more popular among tourists. The background of 20 Yuan Note, Reflection of Yellow Cloth Shoal and Nine-horse Fresco Hill witness the river for hundreds of years. If you are interested, you could challenge Laozhai Mountain in Xingping Old Town to appreciate the sunrise and the sunset. The Reflection of Yellow Cloth Shoal is the great background of the stunning sunset.​

Sunset on the Li Rviver

How to experience the Li River China

There are multiple different ways to experience the Li River China. Tourists can choose from any of the following ways to enjoy the views of the Li River China:

Please note, persons under 120 cms tall & over 65 years of age are not permitted on the small private motorized rafts.

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