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All About China’s Best Boat Ride – the Li River Cruise

At LiRiverCruise.com, we like to think that we’ve perfected the fine art of the Li River boat tour. Li River Cruises has hosted over 150 million passengers on cruises since we opened in 1973.


Today we’re the only cruise company in Guilin exclusively dedicated to the Li River. Our boats are specifically designed to let you see as much as possible in any weather. With over-sized glass windows that offer magnificent views of the beautiful river, Karst scenery and countryside – our steel vessels offer as comfortable a setting as you can get, all year round.


​Our dedication to offering you the best possible Li River experience has earned us world-wide recognition as one of the best boat rides in the entire world.

Li River Cruise History
With a rich history, the Li River has been attracting travelers for hundreds of years. Find out about this history with our timeline and photos below.
1973 – Opened
Tourism along the Li River officially commenced with a small number of visitors traveling to the River and exploring it.
The Li River was listed as one of the 13 major key rivers in China
Li River was announced one of the main 44 national scenic spots in China
Li River included in the list of the top 10 scenic spots in China


The Li River selected the as the second most beautiful area in China by the National Tourism Association

The Li River Cruise hosted the two-millionth passenger on-board


The Li River Cruise hosted the twenty-millionth passenger on-board (yes, that’s correct!)


New Four-Star Level Boats were introduced

All Li River 3-Star Boats facilities refurbished


​The Li River Cruise hosted the one hundred and fifty millionth passenger on-board
…and some even older photos!
Directions To Get To The Li River Cruise
​Most people don’t require ‘tickets only’ as our private vans will pick you up from your hotel and transfer you to the necessary Pier. The Pier each morning is extremely busy and difficult to navigate to the correct boat, however, if you’d prefer to do this, please purchase tickets directly at the Pier (subject to availability)
Pier #1
Mopanshan Passenger Wharf
Address: 092 County Rd, Lingchuan Xian, Guilin Shi, Guangxi Zhuangzuzizhiqu, China

Please note: It takes approximately 40 minutes to travel from Guilin Central to the Mopanshan Passenger Wharf

Pier #1
Mopanshan Pier Distance
Distance & Average Time:

Central Guilin -> Mopanshan Wharf

Pier #2
Zhujiang Passenger Wharf
Address: 091 County Rd, Yanshan Qu, Guilin Shi, Guangxi Zhuangzuzizhiqu, China​

Please note: It takes approximately 40 minutes to travel from Guilin Central to the Zhujiang Passenger Wharf

Pier #2
Zhujiang Pier Distance
Distance & Average Time:

Central Guilin -> Zhujiang Wharf

Both Piers are located in similar locations but a few minutes apart. If you are traveling independently, PLEASE arrive early as the boats will depart on schedule and if you are arriving late/unable to board the boat, no refunds will be available.

The Li River Cruise is the #1 Thing to do in Guilin!

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